‘Understanding Pain in 2025’ Dr Mick Thacker, 16th October 2015, Liverpool, UK

Introduction by Philippa Tindle BSc MSCP (Louis’ partner and wife)

Thanks to the Physiotherapy Pain Association (PPA) for organising this lecture in honour of Louis. And a huge thank you to Mick and Kath Thacker for also making the journey – they have been with Louis and I all the way.  They travelled to Falmouth in February 2014 and Mick fulfilled Louis’ request to speak at his farewell party. And in October 2014 Mick and Paul Watson presented The Head, Heart and Hands session for Louis at the PhysioUk conference in Birmingham. All these events have been possible because of Mick and Kath.  I am very lucky to have their support both for these public lectures and for our private times. We all need friends like them.

But it wasn’t always like this! I remember my first encounter with Mick – listening as he challenged Louis at a lecture in London about the role of the sympathetic nervous system. Here was a passionate ( and quite ‘bolshy’) young man incensed by what Louis was saying. Luckily for us Mick was open minded enough to  agree to spend sometime with Louis to hear far more than can be expressed in an hour’s lecture.  A friendship and collaboration with mutual respect was forged.

Louis always liked to be reasonably critical, but he was also happy to be criticised, saying that was what good science was all about and no one should be fearful of criticising – just do it nicely!

So, I am delighted that Mick is still a little bolshy and is still prepared to constantly explore and challenge our current thinking about pain.  Thank you Mick, on behalf of Louis, for presenting this lecture and allowing us all now to look to the future.