Louis Gifford Head, heart and hands.

Since Louis’ death in February we have received many, many lovely words about him.  I would like to thank everybody again for taking the time to contact us-it really does help.

Louis had an impact on many peoples’ lives, and so, I was delighted to be asked by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy(CSP) if they could dedicate a morning session to Louis at their annual conference in Birmingham, UK, on October 10th 2014.  Mick Thacker and Paul Watson will be speaking and we hope that you will come.  

We have called the session ‘Louis Gifford Head, heart and hands’.  There is a story behind this.  Louis’ younger brother, Colin Henwood, is a master boatbuilder in Henley upon Thames and has written a beautiful book of that name.  Louis’ neice, Megan Henwood, is about to release her second album, titled, Head, heart and hands.  Megan has written a song for Louis called, ‘Painkiller’. 
We think ‘Head, heart and hands’ describes  the physiotherapy profession in the broadest sense- we hope you do to?

Also, thanks to Adriaan and Collen Louw from the US – who have asked me if they can present, ‘The Louis Gifford lecture’, at their annual conference in June 2014, “… to bring recognition to one of the influential physios of our generation.”  

Check out the ISPI Clinical Pain Conference in 2014 – Minneapolis, MN – June 20-22, 2014  –  www.ispinstitute.com

Finally, Louis Gifford Aches and Pains, the book/s.  I am getting there, hopefully soon!