Topical Issues in Pain

Topical Issues in Pain volumes 1-5 are now available in softcover, hardcover and ebook format. 

Important:  I would strongly recommend that if you buy the ebook version you download the pdf.  If you have an ordinary Kindle – don’t download the Kindle version – it’s meant for Kindle Fire I think.

Also – note that they are now available on Amazon – a bit cheaper – but make sure you get the authorhouse versions – I noted Topical Issues in Pain 3 on the UK site being sold for £600+ !!  Rare book, Wow!  Second hand books are cheap too – they will be the old CNS Press books that we produced but nothing wrong with them.

They are a good deal cheaper than when we originally published them in collaboration with the Physiotherapy Pain Association here in the UK.

As they are now print-on-demand postage will be cheaper worldwide

Softback prices in the UK are £12.95 each for volumes 1-4 and £15.95 for volume 5 (5 is larger than the others)

Ebook format is only available through the USA site at $3.99 – that means less than $20 for all 5 books!

Click here to buy softback or hardback copies in UK and Europe

Click here to buy softback or hardback copies in the states or elsewhere

Click here to buy in ebook form – only available from US site at the present time

If you wish to get a far more detailed overview of each book go to:- and click on each book