Topical Issues in Pain – Relaunch!

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After much deliberation and chatting with a good number of you, plus many of our old colleagues and friends who were involved in the UK pain revolution of the 1990’s and early 2000’s; Philippa and I decided to relaunch all the Topical Issues in Pain books with the intention of making them cheaper in all respects. Their quality though, remains excellent if not better than, the originals.

Topical Issue in Pain 1 and 2 have been out of print for about 4-5 years. Interestingly there has been a recent surge of interest in all five titles in the USA, Canada and even as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

We have had them republished by a firm called ‘Authorhouse’ as ‘print-on-demand’ books in hardback, softback and also in ebook form so they would be available easily worldwide and, super-cheap! ( If anyone buys a softback or hardback in Europe or Australia I’d love to know what they’re charging you for mailing!)

My big thing is that they are great books by world experts, the material is still hugely relevant, and to a great many ‘pain’ minds, need revisiting with the rather alarming lurch back to passive and modality based approaches to pain that seems to be going on.

Please don’t let Physiotherapy lose our speciality – skilled rehab, -and for pain, – skilled rehab used alongside skilled CBT techniques.

If you buy them as ebooks they are $3.99 – so you can get the full set for a tad less than $20.00!  You can download in pdf format – a strong recommendation!

I haven’t been posting any new material recently because I’m really in the last throws of my ‘giffords aches and pains’ book.  It looks like it’s going to be 4 hold in the hand sized books sold as one in a neat sleeve. Why 4 separate ? – because I’ve written nearly half a million words!  Controlled swearing, real patients, lots of pain material from the tissues to the brain and back out again…and lots of to clinically ponder I hope. If you like the style of the blog, the books similar!   I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing it and I hope you all like reading it.  It’s been my life, and blended in is a story of my journey from frustration to fulfillment without being sentimental.  These final days take time but it should be well on the way by the early new year.   I feel it’s really going to happen now.

For those of you who attended my lectures and courses in the past –

‘The clinical biology of aches and pains’  ‘The nerve root’ and the ‘Graded exposure’ course – it’s these that form the backbone of the books plus a lot more.


I’d love you all to tell your colleagues about the Topical Issues in Pain books and their new availability!

I’m still working on pain ‘centralisation’ piece – meaning centralisation in ‘McKenzie’ terms – and I’m also thinking about putting some thoughts out there about the graded motor imagery treatment.

Thanks for listening.  Don’t forget it’s ‘Movember’ – a good cause to back.


7 thoughts on “Topical Issues in Pain – Relaunch!

  1. I managed to pick up all the books 2nd hand on ebay over the years, classic texts. Very much looking forward to your next book.

    • Dave, thanks for that, excellent. I’ve just noted that the softbacks new are available on for around £12.00 or a bit less. TIP 5 being a larger book is a little more. Anyway, 2nd hand is great… go the cheapest way you can, I’m thrilled if it gets everyone thinking and reading.

      • What makes me slightly sad though, when I came to sell my anatomy trains book on ebay, I got more that what I paid for it new! They have a better marketing department than you louis.

      • Reading through Book 1 now – the pdf quality is great! I scanned through the others and I can see no issues at all. Thank you once again for relaunching these, Mr. Gifford – I had heard a lot about these elsewhere. These will hold me over while you finish the new book! 😉


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