The first serving

Thanks to all of you who find this site and have a look around.  Take what you want, read, maybe even study…. and hopefully enjoy.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting more and more of my published work up.  Any requests please leave them here and I’ll see what I can find in my archives!

I’m not entirely sure if blogging is 100% my scene as I’ve viewed a few that are a bit sickly and they’re ‘it’s me’, ‘make me money’ and ‘sell my products’ centred, but others that I’ve thought, hey, great to access this person’s stuff so easily and be able to have a discussion with them too…. they enjoy their work and want others to…. That’s how I’d like this place to be. Of course, anyone who thinks and writes wants others to read their stuff, otherwise, what’s the point.

It’s been about 25 years now since I started out wondering what pain was really all about and getting better answers.  I’ve had a good trip and I’m trying to get my ‘book’ finally out although time is pressing for me a bit now.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of requests for my writing from overseas and abroad – and realised that a great deal of it rests in hard to get and hard to find places, much of which is no longer available.   Of course, the internet makes access so much easier.  So, here it is.

Look, one of the main reasons I ended up filling my head with pain related stuff was because I wanted better answers for my patients when they asked awkward questions.


‘Louis, one day I was absolutely fine, I went to bed fine, slept fine and then woke up hardly able to move my neck…..the pain was down my arm… I can’t think of anything that might have caused it… what do you think is going on…?


‘One day the pain was in my right arm, then it went, then 2 days later it was in my left arm…. the Dr can’t explain it, can you?’.

Or the classic awful question to some ghastly problem you haven’t a clue what’s going on…… ‘How long is this going to take to get better?’  In the old days I’d say something like…. ‘er, that’ll be easier to judge after a couple of treatments’….. and hoped that they forgot to ask you again…

…. and there are better answers, a lot better answers!

More soon!



8 thoughts on “The first serving

  1. Hey Louis,
    Nice to see you online and making your writings available online (don’t forget to post all that nice nerve root stuff too!) Things haven’t changed that much in recent years, Checking out the courses available in Australia at the moment you would think most of the population suffered from pelvic imbalances and a lack of dry needling!
    Come and see us on noijam sometimes and as always – you do what you do do well!


  2. Louis,
    I stumbled across your topical issues books in the library while studying for my BSc 10 yrs ago! So glad I read them, as they have helped shape my practice ever since. They weren’t on any reading list, they should have been!!
    Look forward to reading your blogs
    Nick Livadas

  3. Hi Louis,
    I confess I didn’t know of your work until I entered the online world 12 years ago. I caught up soon after, and quickly appreciated all the effort you had laid in long before.
    Thank you for starting this blog. And thank you for everything else too.
    Diane Jacobs

  4. Great to have this resource Louis, and can’t wait for your book. Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to help improve our understanding and interaction with our patients. Invaluable stuff!

  5. Thank you Louis for making available this resource, it is of great value to those of us who continue to struggle to make sense of how this profession interacts with the client. I wish I had half your wisdom.


  6. Great to see you doing this Louis. Doing you courses years ago revolutionised mine and my colleagues work as Physios and the way we manage pain. Can’t wait to read all your stuff.

  7. Hi Louis,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. I cannot wait for your book to come out. Even though I have never attended one of your courses in person your work as profoundly affected my clinical practice.

    I was not qualified when the majority of your work was published but its as relevant today as it was then (slightly depressing). But more than that, its directed my learning to this incredibly complex system we call the body!

    I look forward to your future contributions.

  8. Louis,

    I’ve been quoting your writing and recommending your work otherwise to my classes for years. I beat you to blogging and mine has appeared daily now for over three years. Be careful, it’s addictive – to the writer anyway.

    Like you, I thought Robin McKenzie did an amazing thing. I also personally got into two shouting matches with him during my career. Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to communicate with him.

    Best of luck. I know I’ll read this whenever it appears.

    Barrett L. Dorko P.T.

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